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PEAFOWL VARIETIES on Carol's bird farms at 5 Southwind Drive and (the I.E. Eldridge acre) at 17 Glenn, Alamogordo, New Mexico:

India Blue
India Blue Pied
Black Shoulder
Cameo Pied
Cameo Pied White-Eyed
Hermaphrodite (cock-feathered hen!) Oaten
Purple Pied
Purple Black Shoulder
Red Buff Spaulding
Silver Pied
Spaulding (by the Red Buff Spaulding cock)

Most of the above varieties are "outcrossed", to produce peafowl which could in turn produce either of the parent varieties or other types. This is how so many varieties are now available elsewhere. Also, Carol attempts to improve strains by "hybrid vigor."

The United Peafowl Association (UPA) long recognized 185 varieties (including the three subspecies of Green peafowl). They INCREASED their list to 201 varieties!!! Carol often refers folks to this association, which has been highly involved in peas for so many years, and which maintains a DIRECTORY of member breeders, some of whom DO SHIP. (Carol does NOT SHIP birds.)

Updated February/2012

Updated February/2015