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At this time (February, 2015) the peafowl population includes about 13 varieties for breeding and viewing by visitors. A few individuals are available for sale. However, for several reasons, production of young birds has been more limited during the past few years. Carol still does BUY, SELL, TRADE; and welcomes any info relating to possibilities!

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We are happy to suggest that we probably have the lowest prices around on peafowl right now, for 2005 and 2006 (year olds and two-year-old chicks), as we reduce our flock population before raising the 2007 hatch.

While our stock lasts, one-year-old India Blue peachicks (2005 hatch) have been selling for $35 for one, or $30 each for more than one. We have fifteen (15) left, only two of which are hens. Two, two-year-old India Blue peacocks (2006 hatch) are available for $45 for one or $80 for both.

We have sold all of our available yearling Purples, Cameos, and Spauldings. Two-year old Cameos are also sold out.

We now offer new peachicks for sale also, subject to availability. The first 23 new peachicks of the season are in brooders now, with more in the hatcher, just born, as this is typed on May 18, 2007: A nice assortment of most of the varieties which we have, plus crossbreeds of some of those varieties. The crosses produce birds which can, in turn, produce more of BOTH parent varieties.

We have many beautiful birds of all the varieties listed here, which visitors are welcome to view. I.E. has even put up a lot of nice signs to indicate the varieties and prices. Those without prices listed are probably our valuable breeding stock and not for sale.

I.E. is mentoring Carol on breeding peafowl, and they are both enjoying sharing resources and efforts this spring, beginning with hatching eggs from their own chickens.

Peahen eggs are incubating now. We expect to have new babies every week now for the season, which is very short, compared to chickens. (The first peahen egg came March 26 or 27, from a Purple peahen.)

We may consider I.E. in semi-retirement and would like to save his time as much as possible. He has asked Carol to handle the bulk of the business with customers. Still, he has most graciously been available to answer questions and show visitors the birds, by appointment.

Shipping costs and requirements are being explored. We do want to ship newborn peachicks, as soon as we complete our preparations. For the moment, we are happily supplying birds to visitors able to pick up their choices. And Carol is willing to personally deliver, whenever possible, especially to Las Cruces, where her daughter lives.

Prices are subject to change; and availability of birds is, of course, not unlimited! However, as of May 18, 2007, we have sold quite a few birds but still have many birds available.

The current plan for pricing is $25 each for India Blue newborns, and $50 each for most other varieties we will hatch, not including shipping costs.

SEPTEMBER, 2011 ...
WHITE peafowl are so rare and hard to raise the last few years, that a chick hatched this season just sold for $100 ... actually, it was TRADED FOR CREDIT for that amount at a wonderful trading post Carol just visited for the first time.

WHITE 2010 Hatch peahens will probably sell for $200 each, which will be laying eggs next season and able to produce. There is one that appears to be a cock, which may go for a little less, if Carol lets it go. (She only has ONE mature breeding White peaCOCK at the moment!)

(Please refer to the WHITE PEAFOWL section for more information about these "giant snowflakes," which the COCKS certainly resemble!)