Peacocks & Poultry In Motion with GOATS and RATS, Callahan Bird Farms,
"My whole life is for the birds!"

There is SO MUCH to reveal here, it will take a while to update. But Carol has tried to maintain ADs on craigslist and hollomanyardsales.

Goats are becoming increasingly popular as pets, weed eaters, and milk producers. They have unique personalities and are trainable like dogs, yet have a bit of an independent streak, like cats. The MILK will alkalinize the digestive system, and has been known to reduce ACID REFLUX and sometimes even "cure" ulcers. Raw goat milk is wonderful food; yet it's pretty hard to come by.

Since Carol has acid reflux herself, she has a strong interest in producing milk goats. It has been said that miniatures goats may eat HALF as much as "full sized" goats, yet produce up to 3/4 the amount of milk!

Many people have approached Carol and inquired about NUBIAN milk, specifically, which is valued for its high butterfat content. There has seemed to be a scarcity of NUBIAN goats in the vicinity, and Carol is interested in producing the FLOPPY EARED Mini Nubians for pets. She is thrilled to have made the acquaintance of someone who's offered to provide NUBIAN KIDS to her soon!

The plan is to raise more MINI NUBIANS for pets and milkers and also provide some regular full-sized NUBIANS for those who want them. So, "keep in touch," if you're interested!

"For NOW ..."

There are 2 KIDS on site NOW with their mama, a Mini LaMancha named "China Blue." A deposit was taken for them, and they are set to be picked up the weekend of February 21, 2015, when they will be easily weaned and able to be on their own.

Two more miniature goat does are due to kid anytime now. Four more will probably kid about mid April. For those who want goats as PETS, WEED eaters, BREEDERS, Carol will accept deposits. (Carol does not raise any meat goats.) She is currently working on getting a new camera in order to get PHOTOs online and available. (The old Tracfones are being a little difficult lately for providing photos.)

The BREEDS represented on the farm are PYGMY, NIGERIAN DWARF, MINI LaMANCHA, and NUBIAN. Carol is excitedly anticipating a doeling or two from a very valuable, pedigreed line of SPANISH goats, in order to "BREED DOWN" in size some new goats that will hopefully add the wonderful traits of the landrace breed, the SPANISH, to new miniature goats available as pets.

The goat KIDS are so entertaining, whether 1 or 2 or 4 or more on site, running and jumping, spinning in the air, climbing trees ... hope you have a chance to enjoy them sometime!

(Updated February 17, 2015)